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  • Knitting Night Kick-off Thursday, November 18th, 7:00pm
    • Share your joy for knitting! Teach others to knit. Learn how to knit. Share project ideas. Knitting Support Group. Ask questions. Get questions answered. Share your sources. Basically, anything related to knitting is welcome!

      This group will continue every Thursday at 7:00pm until it gets warm outside.

  • How to Have a Sweatshop-Free Holiday Saturday, December 4th, 2:00pm
    • We all know that so much of what's on the market is made in a sweatshop, and it can be exhausting trying to avoid sweatshop produced goods and still find what you want. Well, not this year. We've done the leg work and we'll be sharing resources, ideas, and skills on celebrating our holidays in socially-responsible and world-changing ways. This holiday season, give something that's been made with love, either by yourself, or a worker with fair wages and rights.

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Dandelion Principle Workshop Oct. 1st (Free)
September 18, 2011

Announcing A Free and Introductory Workshop

Discover The Dandelion Principle In Our Lives

When: October 1, Saturday – 1:00 – 3:30pm
Where: 100 N. High St., The First Christian Church, main office entrance
Duration: Two and a half hours

Prior registration required, limited to 15 participants

How does a dandelion live? It is well grounded with strong roots. Machines and poison, hate and disdain cannot keep it down. It is confident of its place in the world, and returns again and again, alive and whole. It is the symbol of subsistence healing, our innate capacity for self care, providing our own sense of balance, aliveness, wholeness, our Dandelion Principle.

Using memories, various narrative methods, and techniques derived from Appreciative Inquiry discover the Dandelion Principle in your life.

Developed and led by Ishita Ghosh, historian, teacher, artisan, and long term practitioner of subsistence healing, the workshop will involve intense and creative self-exploration and group work. Become attuned to what “works” in your life, discover your generative potential, share your stories. What you learn and create about yourself may continue to impact your life beyond the workshop.

To register for this workshop email [email protected] and type “workshop” for subject

The Workshop Program:

Introduction to the Dandelion Principle, and instructions for workshop activity (25-30 minutes)

Quiet time transition (5-10 minutes)

Silent space – individual activity involving thinking, writing (and/or art work), and other verbal and non-verbal forms of self-expression (45-55 minutes)

Sharing space – group activity involving sharing your experience/story/narration with up to two other participants at any given time (45-55 minutes)


(registration required)



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