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New Phone Number and Ready for Visitors

Monday, July 12th, 2010

We have a phone line!  Give us a call at 660-627-0035 to set up a time to visit, get a tour, have dinner, talk sustainability and community, stay the night, or whatever else you have in mind.

Also, our house is ready to host visitors.  We don’t have any guest bedrooms, but there’s plenty of nooks, a couch, an air mattress, and an entire unfinished basement.  Give us a call, send us an email, or write us a letter to set up a visit.  As always, everything we do is by donation, so all we ask is that you give what you’re joyful to give so we can keep the project going (even if you can’t donate anything, we still want you to visit!).  Hope to see you soon!

More Bike Wheels and Rain Barrels

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

So many completions this week (and last)!

Michelle built another bike wheel trellis out of 100% reclaimed materials.  It consists of a palette board, 4 bent bike wheels, and it’s tied together with bike inner tube!  Then we dug down and packed it into the earth.  The hard luffas are liking it.

I have some silicone on my hand as I type because I just finished the overflow spout on the rain barrels.  (We found some old silicone caulk in the basement and revived it using a corkscrew.)  It’s a 4 barrel system hooked together using PEX tubing, something I haven’t found anyone using.  It’s more weather resistant than PVC, doesn’t leach as many chemicals, and there’s no sealing the tubing.  There’ll be more to come on this as they get filled and we figure out how we need to modify.  We already had to address some issues with plumbers tape.  I’m hopeful everything is in order.

Also as I type, Jon is finishing the twine on the tomato trellis, built with large fallen sticks from the woods and a biodegradable sisal twine.

Things are going well, and there’ll be more updates in the coming days, especially on a local farmer series we’re putting together.

We rented a location!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

In June the KPEC will be located at 216 North Ely in Kirksville, MO.  We are not buying the house, but renting it from the gracious owner at escrow cost.  The owner is allowing us to make significant changes to the house as needed to develop the house into the KPEC.  Without this amazing connection, the KPEC would not have happened as we do not have the funding to buy a house.  We are still looking for donations to make the much more manageable rent payments on the site so that we can free up necessary energy towards teaching, constructing, rennovating, and organizing.