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Petition to Make Boundary/HWY H a Safer Road for Runners and Bikers

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

We received a message from Rachel Ruhlen-Davis, an avid bike communter, on an initiative she’s starting.

Boundary/ Highway H is a narrow road with high speed traffic. It gets a large volume of traffic, and is widely used by joggers, walkers and cyclists. Coming from the south, Highway H has a 55 mph speed limit extending into the city limit. The 35 mph zone begins just south of La Harpe. This street could be made safer at little expense. One option is to extend the 35 mph zone south to Shepherd. Another option is graduated speed zones, for example, introducing a 45 mph zone between Shepherd and the current 35 mph zone. For more information, please contact Rachel at [email protected], (573) 268-8770 or (660) 626-2889, or visit

If you think the speed limit on Boundary is too fast for safety, please sign the petition urging the City of Kirksville and MoDOT to work with citizens to find a real solution for this problem, either at Kirksville Permaculture Education Center, or online at

Kirksville Bike and Walk

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

There’s talk of a new bike and pedestrian safety advocacy group in Kirksville. We’ll post new information as we receive it.

Right now, everything for the group is in its infancy, but if you have any ideas/services/time/donations you could provide to the group, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with them.