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First Frost Harvest

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

With the impending frost last Saturday we harvested tons of produce.  We grabbed all our green beans (mostly dried on the vine), cut our sweet potato vines (we’ve heard that if the vines experience a frost, then the sweet potatoes don’t taste as good), harvested our peppers and tomatoes, picked pears from a tree in town, picked a 20 gallon tub of peppers from Steve Salt, and cut our basil and coriander to dry inside.

So much work before a frost, before everything settles into winter.

Local Farmer Series

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

We’re hosting three different local farmer’s at our KPEC house on three consecutive Tuesdays starting on August 31st.

August 31st at 7 pm: Steve Salt of Green Valley Farm and the new downtown grocery store Near and Far will be speaking on the topic “Farm to Table: Marketing and Food Supply”

September 7th at 7 pm: John Arbuckle of Singing Prairie Farm will be speaking on chickens, eggs, and how to work your way through the maze of egg labeling.

September 14th at 7 pm: Kathy Thompson of Thompson Premium Beef will be talking about the cyclical nature of sustainably raising cattle vs the energy inputs of industrial cattle farming operations.