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Kirksville World Car-Free Day Shared with the World

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The leader of the Abundant Mobility Workshop, Wolfgang Hoeschele, wrote a report for, a website focused on bringing about a better world.

Here’s part of Wolfgang’s note in the email he sent to the attendees of the workshop that the article is online:

Please note the links, designed to provide information about initiatives elsewhere in the country that might give us ideas about how to do things in Kirksville – I hope this will be a useful resource. Also, please make others aware of this website, and provide comments in the comments section at the bottom.

Thanks to all for making Kirksville a place where we can bring about a better world.

Read the article here:

World Car-Free Day Kirksville Events

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

World Car-Free day is this Wednesday, September 22nd.  Walk, bike, skateboard, jog… whatever you need to do to go car-free that day and show what the world would be like with more sustainable forms of transportation.

To celebrate the day, we’ve helped organize a World Car-Free Day Social Bike Ride, starting at the Square at 5:30. Then bike with us over to the KPEC for a Workshop on Abundant Mobility with Wolfgang Hoeschele, author of “The Economics of Abundance.”

The mayor of Kirksville, Todd Kuhns, said he would be in attendance at the workshop, so let’s have a great turnout with positive ideas on how to make Kirksville a welcoming place to sustainable transportation!