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The KPEC is run entirely by donation and out of our own pockets. Any amount you can joyfully give is a blessing.


Contact us to schedule a tour, have dinner, stay the night, or just drop by!

There are always ways to help out at the KPEC. Gardening, construction, projects, repairs, fund raising, teaching, gathering resources and supplies, and cleaning, just to name a few.

This start-up Wish List is a general call for needed items and jobs to be done. Things in bold are especially necessary. We'll be updating this page as we recieve/need different items and as tasks are joyfully undertaken, so check back or sign up on the email list (if you haven't already) to know when this page is updated.

Wish List

  • Garden
    • Items: shovels, rakes, hand trowels , pots (even old yogurt cups), hand tools
    • Job: Asking local garden stores for donations of tools on behalf of the KPEC.
    • Job: Finding straw, old leaves, finely ground wood chips (Cannaday Tree Service is Perfect for this!), old pine needles, chemical-free grass, etc. for mulch.
  • Food Preservation
    • Items: dehydrating screens, mason jars, lids, etc.
    • Job: Asking local stores for items or writing letters to companies that make these items (Ball, Fagor, Presta)
  • Shop Tools
    • Item: Hand tools (saws, hammers, non-electric drills, etc.), nails, screws, vices, bike tools!, etc.
  • Furniture
    • Items: chairs for workshops and events
  • Cleaning Supplies
    • Items: mop
  • Building Supplies
    • Items: any lumber or wood (even old shelves, countertops, tables, etc), bricks, brackets, etc. We can pick these up, just email us what you have to get rid of.
  • Kitchen Wares (for potlucks)
    • dishes, silverware, cups, prep bowls, etc.
  • Books, magazines, and journals
    • Job: Ask publishers, book stores (don't forget online!), and specialty stores for book, magazine, newspaper, and journal donations on organic gardening, permaculture, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of sustainability.

      If you can joyfully contribute any of the above resources, or can help in any other way, please use the contact form below or send us an email at give [at] kvpermaculture [dot] org.

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