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Possibility Alliance and Friends 2014 Classlist

A note from the Possibility alliance:

Please call ahead to register for any classes: #660-332-4094. If you register on our voicemail, please leave your number just in case a class has to be rescheduled. Please share this classlist with your family, friends, and community! We look forward to seeing you!

Click here to view the 2014 classlist.

Future Workshop Ideas

  • Making a Bike-Powered Washing Machine
  • Garden Bed Preparation
  • Transplanting
  • Natural Painting
  • Bread Making
  • Dehydrating
  • Knitting
  • Writing Workshops
  • Fermentation
  • And anything else we can find teachers for!

Future Class Ideas

  • Permaculture Design Course
    • One of our big missions is to plan a Permaculture Design Course that would fulfill all requirements for people to receive their full certification in Permaculture Design. A course like this normally costs $1,500 per person, but we will offer it by donation so that this knowledge can be accessible to all.

Again, If you have interest in teaching any workshops or courses to share your expertise on a topic, please contact us through one of the contact forms or by emailing us at give [at] kvpermaculture [dot] org.

Events Archive

  • Local Farmer Series- Farm to Table: Marketing and Food Supply August 31st 2010, 7-8:30 pm
    • Steve Salt of Green Valley Farm and Near and Far, the new downtown grocery store, will present on the food chain that modern civilization is chained to.

  • Local Farmer Series- Cage-Free, Free Range, Organic... What's the Difference? September 7th 2010, 7-8:30 pm
    • John Arbuckle of Singing Prairie Farm will be speaking on chickens, eggs, and how to work your way through the maze of egg labeling.

  • Basics of Canning September 8th 2010, 6pm-8pm
    • Learn all the basics of preserving food via canning in a pressure canner and hot water bath. Topics covered will include ensuring sanitation, checking for a good seal, and the nuances of high and low acid foods.

  • How to Make Huarache "Barefoot" Sandals September 11th 2010, 6pm-8pm
    • We will have enough materials on hand to make 16 pairs of Huarache Sandals using a 4mm Vibram Cherry sole. The information is free, but the material cost is $10 per pair of sandals. Even if you don't make the sandals using our supplies, or just want the information, you are invited! If you want to reserve some of the material to make the sandals, RSVP using the contact form or call us at #660-627-0035.

  • Local Farmer Series- Energy Inputs: Sustainable Farming vs Industrial Agriculture September 14th, 7-8:30 pm
    • Kathy Thompson of Thompson Premium Beef will be talking about the cyclical nature of sustainably raising cattle vs the energy inputs of industrial cattle farming operations.

  • World Car-Free Day Social Bike Ride September 22nd, 5:30-6:30 pm (meet on the Square)
    • Get together and bike through the streets in unison in support of Carfree Day and show how lovely (and possible!) it is to transport everyday via bike.

  • Workshop on Abundant Mobility with Wolfgang Hoeschele September 22nd, 7-8:30 pm (after the Ride)
    • It is a paradox of our times that, no matter how many resources we consume, we never seem to have enough - we always are in a condition of perceived scarcity. Such perennial scarcity is very profitable to companies selling what we need or think we need. In order to keep these profits high, a variety of "scarcity-generating institutions" manipulate supply and demand and thereby keep "the economy" going - at the cost of individual freedom, social equity, and environmental sustainability. Prominent among these scarcity-generating institutions is the complex of urban and transportation planning, advertising, the real-estate market and other cultural institutions geared to keeping us hooked to the car, the most resource-consuming and expensive mode of daily transport in existence. This workshop will explore how we can reduce our addiction to cars and thus generate abundance in the Kirksville context.

  • Home Brewing Beer with Ted Frushour October 9th, 9am-1pm
    • Take part in the brewing of a malt-extract beer, bottle an already fermented beer, learn the necessary sanitation procedures, and find out where to source ingredients and materials. After this workshop, you should be ready to mix up your own batch of delicious Home Brew.

  • Veggie Van Tour October 19th, 6:00pm
    • Sean Zigmund's Veggie Van is coming to the KPEC. He's taken it across the country and back for over 25,000 miles of waste vegetable oil (WVO) power. The Van also has a Solar Power hook-up that runs all Sean's equipment when he's on site as a natural builder.

      Come out at 6:00 to the KPEC to get a tour of Sean's Veggie Van and learn the basics of how WVO and Solar systems work.

  • Bike Touring and Superheroing October 19th, 7:00pm
    • Learn the basics of bike touring from someone who knows her stuff. Emily "Stardust" Bryzynski has thousands of miles of bike touring experience, and is planning a superhero ride just North of the Border this winter. Even if you don't want to go on a tour, come hear the stories and passion of a well-tuned bike-hero adventurer!
      Read about the superheroes here.

  • Costumed Halloween Bike Ride- Critical Mass October 29th, 5:30pm-6:30pm, the Kirksville Square
    • Start your Halloween Weekend right with the infamous Critical Mass Halloween Ride. What are youuuuu going to be? Join the facebook event here.

  • Sourdough Bread Baking Saturday, November 13th, 9:00am-12:00pm
    • Learn the basics of baking Sourdough Bread. We'll be making an easier, not as sour bread using only four ingredients: 100% White Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, and Yeast. Topics will include Mixing, Hand-Shaping, Sourdough cultures, and Baking.

      Everyone will have the option of taking home some of our sourdough starter. Please contact us to make sure we save some sourdough starter for you!

  • Knitting Night Kick-off Thursday, November 18th, 7:00pm
    • Share your joy for knitting! Teach others to knit. Learn how to knit. Share project ideas. Knitting Support Group. Ask questions. Get questions answered. Share your sources. Basically, anything related to knitting is welcome!

      This group will continue every Thursday at 7:00pm until it gets warm outside.

  • How to Have a Sweatshop-Free Holiday Saturday, December 4th, 2:00pm
    • We all know that so much of what's on the market is made in a sweatshop, and it can be exhausting trying to avoid sweatshop produced goods and still find what you want. Well, not this year. We've done the leg work and we'll be sharing resources, ideas, and skills on celebrating our holidays in socially-responsible and world-changing ways. This holiday season, give something that's been made with love, either by yourself, or a worker with fair wages and rights.

Possibility Alliance Workshop Archive
  • Pruning 101 March 10th, 1-5 pm
    • Learn to prune fruit trees, bushes and vines, and about proper planting and care. Bring pruning shears, loppers and pruning saws if you have them (there will be extra).

  • Intro. to Sustainable Forestry April 15th, 9am-12pm
    • Learn the trees of MO and their roles and uses. We will also cover the basics of Sustainable Forestry and Forest Ecology.

  • Natural Building Tour May 8th, 2-5 pm
    • This tour will focus on examples of alternative construction techniques, including adobe, cob, and roundwood construction. There will be a short hands-on project, so please dress for mud and bring work gloves.

  • Intro. to Compassionate Communication May 15th, 2-5 pm
    • Learn simple tools to increase your ability to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers without conflict. *This is the only class taking place at Victoria Albright's house, 323 W. Phipps, downtown La Plata, MO.

  • Wild Edible Walk May 17th, 1-4 pm
    • Learn about many delicious wild foods, including useful plants and animals of NE Missouri. Wear trousers and good rubber boots!

  • Secrets of Sourdough Bread Making June 12th, 9am-1 pm
    • Learn the traditional process of baking with natural leavening (as opposed to commercial, store-bought yeast). We will bake this delicious staple in our wood-fired, earthen bread oven! Bring an apron and a jar to take home your own sourdough starter.

  • Intro. to Horse Power July 24th, 1-5 pm
    • Learn the benefits of draft animal farming, as well as some basics of Natrual Horsemanship. You will see our gentle giants in action, weather permitting. Wear boots or close-toed shoes.

  • Basics of Canning August 21st, 1-4 pm
    • Learn how to can your own food. With both pressure canning and boiling water bath techniques. We will also discuss other food preservation techniques.

  • Bike Mechanics 101 September 18th, 2-5 pm
    • Learn the basics for upkeeping your bicycle. You will be introduced to the tools and parts of the bicycle. Bring your bike if you can!

  • Intro to Bee Keeping September 21st, 2-5 pm
    • Learn the basics of bee biology, hive management, and equipment. An organic approach.

  • Small Scale Cheese-Making October 9th, 12:30-2 pm
    • Learn the basics of making delicious soft goat cheese (chevre). We will discuss hard cheese-making. Recipes apply to cow and sheep milk.